About Us

How we started - our principles and company motto

Jasper's Choice was developed by 2 lifelong friends - John and Chris.  We spent our 20s climbing the corporate ladder as Senior Managers and Directors within the Computer Games industry and also in FMCG retail operations (Tesco, PC World / Dixons Stores Group).  We launched some of the most iconic games on console and PC over the years and we learnt at an early age how to work and run retail operations, under high pressured environments....we made the goods and we distributed goods retail needed at the right place and time!. 

We then hit our 30s and grew up; had families and dogs!!  We care for our 4 legged friends, and were shocked to find an industry full of poor quality treats and accessories.  We set about to create a range of high quality treats, for dogs based around our own principle of quality at the right price.  We did not want to stop there, so we created a range of accessories aswell!!  Our focus is making it easy for retailers to order from 1 company for all their range of key dog products.  

All our products are tested by our beloved Jasper - a loving family pet that is picky, stubborn and only accepts the best!!  If Jasper turns his nose up, then so do we!!.......  our company motto is:  Strive to become a One Stop Shop for Quality Dog Treats & Accessories within B2B Retail Pet Store Environments.

A bit about Jasper (if he could talk!):

Hi, my name's Jasper and I love my owners.  I show them all the time - wagging my tail, bringing back balls and occasionally singing on demand (but only when they've been really good!).
I'm also very particular when it comes to telling them what I like to eat - and being part Husky (62.5% to be precise!) I'm stubborn when it comes to agreeing what counts as a treat.
As a result of their careful research and my expert nose, all of my treats are guaranteed to be natural - no added grain, coloring or preservatives that could upset your dog's constitution, just air-dried goodness.
Give your dog a choice - make it Jasper's Choice.