Trade Accounts


Now being taken!

We are currently taking new applications for trade accounts, via this website.

1.  Register directly on this site by clicking the "Trade Login" button on our website (as shown below), or click the picture below to open up the page in a separate window on your browser.

This will then take you to a registration page.  Input your details and we will get in touch with you to discuss opening an account, which will give you access to trade pricing.  We will send you our terms and conditions, and set you up with upto 30 day credit payment term and upto £500.  Terms and conditions apply.  Should you fail to make payment on time on a regular basis, we reserve the right to remove credit facilities and / or your account at our discretion.



For existing Trade Customers you can log into our portal and order your stock via our innovative filter system to choose the products you require.  Each order will not require payment from the site, instead the order will be processed as normal, and our accounting system will issue you an invoice, which will require payment within upto 30 days.  You can continue to pay us via bank transfer, or via your debit / credit card via Stripe (our online payments provider).

We will continue to supply you with an excel sheet with all out stock prices and range for your convenience - you can use this to navigate the trade portal and select the items you require.

The benefit of our web system is that the stock shown is data in real when you place your order here, it is allocated to you, and you can be confident in receiving the stock your require!  It will also allow you to look back at past orders, so you can further plan your business.  Additionally you can repeat past orders (and then amend them as needed), saving you time in retyping each new order!!

Process for completing an order

Once your basket is full with the products you require, you can 'checkout' without having to pay upfront, and use your credit account.  To do this, simply click the button as shown below at checkout.  The order will then be submitted to us, and you will be billed as normal through your credit account.  An invoice will be emailed through our Xero Accounting system.  You will have 30 days to pay for this order.  Please ensure you pay us ontime.  We reserve the right to remove credit facilities and trade pricing should payments not be received with your 30 day time frame.  Each order will receive a paper based invoice inside your parcel, and an electronic invoice with a link to make payment on the day the parcel was shipped.  You will also receive a reminder 2 days before the invoice is due via email.  Thank you for your consideration in supporting us by making your payments on time.